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Spoken wikipedia articles

Actually there are lot of spoken wikipedia articles available.

I didn't know that and I think it is actually really cool. One can listen and read when opening the same article.

After a little research on wikipedia I found the portal for spoken articles:




Unfortunately Norwegian doesn't seem to have any. (Sad face).

Looking at the available languages on the left side menu it seems Spanish and French doesn't even have an entry.

So it seems this project is rather in the start phase but nonetheless rather cool to have another possibility to listen and learn about things one can choose for oneself.

December 26, 2017



Thanks! This is great!

(FWIW, there is some Russsian audio about F. Nansen's Norwegian Polar Expedition of 1893-1896, which has fascinated me for years, and, well, at least it's about things Norwegian. :) The Russian audio is a not linked on the left to the Norwegian article, oddly enough.)


Have you tried web readers? These should be able to read any Wiki article and often with a quite good quality (depending on what underlying system they use - the voice synthesizer of Google is quite good and supports almost 20 languages).

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