"We would make a career out of this!"

Translation:Noi am face o carieră din asta!

December 26, 2017

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A reflexive mood answer would be more natural:: Noi ne-am face o carieră din asta


Really? I wrote "Am putea face o carieră din asta!". It should've been accepted, because "am putea" is only used for first person plural and therefore it can be omitted. I almost failed a "Test Out" due to stupid stuff like this.


It is a difference. "Am putea" is "We could".


How would you construct this sentence using "ar" ("would"), instead of "am"?


"ar" is "he/she/they" form. am is for "we". (noi) am vrea sa bem - we would like to drink ar - (EL/ EA/EI) ar vrea sa joace tenis - they would like to play tennis. as- first person form. As vrea sa-mi omor soacra.

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