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French Tree 2.0

I've finished my French tree a couple of months ago. I'm now strengthing my skill so I have an entire gold tree (something that makes me proud). As you can see next to my name I'm level 22 in French, learned 2727 words and Duo says I'm 68% in my French fluency (I know the fluency percent is a bad way to check your fluency).

As I listen to French music, watch French films, read French books etc., I feel like I only understand 25% of the content. Now, I know that you can't be 100 percent fluent in a foreign language, but the French course could be more expanded. Just like the Dutch, Welsh or Norwegian course. (the Spanish team is already updating their tree) Things that could change:

  • more skills (like weather, body, the use of "en" and "y", word order for example)

  • more grammar explanations (especially for the last skills in the tree)

  • more vocabulary

  • fewer lessons in one skill (this can be demotivating for some people)

"Updating" the French course would help so many people to read, listen and understand the beautiful French language better.

I really hope the French team sees this and considers to make this "wish" reality.

Give an upvote so the French team sees this post!


December 26, 2017



An expanded French tree would be great, but in the meantime, have a look at the Duolingo stories in French. It's a nice addition.


The new format that is coming out in early 2018 should help with this issue. It will have more advanced leb=vels for people that want to attempt them, as I understand it.


I have heard of them too. I hope they bring more vocabulary so the problem would be solved


I agree. I took many French classes in school, and I still can't really understand the radio, even with the help of Duolingo.


You could try the "journals en fran├žais facile" or "news in slow french" sites. I haven't took any classes but with Duo and a little bit more of reading and watching movies I'm able to understand what's going on.


I've been thinking about the same thing. It would be cool if there were an advanced mini tree for people who finished their courses.


I like that idea!

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I have asked for this many times.


Well this seems to be catching up so let's continue pushing it.


I have thought that when I finish the Duolingo French tree I will understand most French talk. But I'm almost done and I really understand a max of 10%. It'll be great if Duolingo updates the French tree.


I agree. Especially for the fact that the last skills in the tree should really have grammar explanations.


I agree with you completely


The Duolingo ios mobile app has chatbots with whom one can chat on specific subjects. It's quite nice and an interesting way to practice French in a realistic situation.


Just a question: Are you for it or against the idea?


You must be pretty good compared to me! I am only 10 and started French in school last year I am excited for learning more and getting better


Just keep learning!!!

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