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  5. "中秋节的月亮最圆。"


Translation:The moon is the roundest during Mid-Autumn Festival.

December 26, 2017



"fullest" is better than "roundest". The "full" moon captures best the essence of the intended meaning but is not a literal translation.


Try to explain that to a stupid bird!! Your brilliant idea does not seem to have been taken into consideration as yet... Call the bird..


Why is 'the' required? At least in Australian English we do not use 'the' when referring to festivals/days religious observance (eg Christmas, Easter, New Year's Eve, Diwali).


Counter examples: the summer solstice, the winter solstice, the vernal equinox. In the UK at least, Diwali is also often called the festival of lights.


I am sorry but astronomy and good grammar as well dictate that round is round and it is impossible to have a superlative degree of lunar circularity. It is just as round or as full as it is every month!


Not exactly true, the moon gets fuller during months of a lunar eclipse than other months. But connected with the Mid-Autumn Festival, though.


"not connected"


"The moon is roundest during Mid-Autumn Festival" not accepted. Reported 22nd November 2018.


Reported again 22 August 2019

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during the Mid-Autumn Festival the moon is at its roundest


What does roundest even mean? Fullest? Closest to the earth? Largest in appearance?

[deactivated user]

    Roundest = most circular.


    "the moon is roundest" is more natural than "the moon is the roundest"


    I can't believe how inconsistent the whole course is. The previous level of festivals exercise wouldn't accept 'the' in front of the Mid autumn festival and the Spring festival. Now it doesn't accept answers without THE. My suggestion: while you are trying to figure out who is the smartestest and most Englishest of all the contributors, people are constantly frustrated by the English and so many inconsistencies in this course. Just forget the whole thing about The and A too. Accept both versions everywhere because the vast majority of people is here to learn Chinese. If someone wants to test proper use of THE they can just take the English course, problem solved.




    I wrote "at its roundest" (or full!), which to me is a better translation than "the roundest". Frustrating that "at its roundest" is not accepted!


    I don't understand what this sentence means. There are at least 12 times a year when the Moon appears to be equally full or "round", not only during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Perhaps this sentence is trying to say that the full moon appears to be largest during the Mid-Autumn Festival (not true: a super moon, the moon is at its closest approach while orbiting of the Earth, can happen almost any month of the year).


    why i used the same words, then it is said wrong answer?


    OR Mid-Autumn Festival moon is the roundest :)


    This question should be dropped unless someone can come up with a translation that actually makes sense. Roundest, fullest, most triangular- it's all ❤❤❤❤ English!


    The moon during the middle of festival is the roundest

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