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"Ani po měsíci jsem se tam nevrátil."

Translation:I did not return there even after a month.

December 26, 2017



Is it ok to say "I did not even return there after a month"?


As a native AmE speaker, I feel a difference in meaning between "did not return even" (Duo translation) and "did not even return" (your suggested alternative). To me, the Duo version puts more emphasis on the time frame, while the alternative word order emphasizes the "returning" more. So I'd defer to the Czech experts on whether your alternative could be accepted, based on what the word order in the original sentence suggests... which looks to me like "even after a month."


Good point, and the fact that “ani” stands before “po měsíci” and not before “nevrátil” is in favour of the proposed translation.

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