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"These are the mountains of the American south west."

Translation:Aceștia sunt munții sud-vestului american.

8 months ago

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Random thoughts: This particular sentence, which seems incongruous in a "Romanian from English" program, is also used, word for word, in the "French from English" version. I suspect it may have actually originated in "Spanish from English," (Duolingo's largest) where it might be most appropriate. Or I should say the Spanish program is the largest for English speakers (11 million), because apparently Duolingo is a good deal more popular for those in other languages learning English. (for instance, there are 19 million Russian-speakers who have signed up to start learning Duolingo English.) (For instance, there are 500,000 of us learning Romanian from English, but over 4-million learning English from Romanian.) Plus of course, confounding the statistics a bit, apparently it's common for language learners to go through the program the way we would expect first, and then 'go backwards.' We see one of those folks just below who seems to have a very strong grasp of Romanian cusswords. Nenerocitule!

7 months ago