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  5. "我还想看那家商店。"


Translation:I still want to see that store.

December 26, 2017



Is "I also want to look at that shop" a good translation?

Or simply my colloquial English popping up here :,)


Seems fine to me, though it looks like this question still needs at least one answer with "look" instead of "check out" or "see" to be added.


How do you know that 还 means also rather than still?


As you know, each word has a wide variety of meanings. Now, think of when the meaning of both "also" and "still" overlap, as in "I also want to see that shop (we've seen a bunch already, but before leaving I want to see this one too)" and "I still want to see that shop (wait, I know we should leave soon but let me check this one before)". In this context, "still" and "also" mean the same thing. When it is translated by 还, "also" must NEVER be understood as "me too"


In this case it should be still, but for some reason they put also...


What's wrong with "visit" instead of "see?"


Nothing is wrong. Visit, see, check out, look at/in. All work.


Can someone please explain the difference between 也 and 还 for this sentence?


还 never has the meaning of "me too" (unlike 也). Instead, it has the meaning of doing something more, in addition to: in this sentence, you've already checked out a few shops, and you still/also want to check out this other shop before leaving. Another example: 我会说法语,我还说英语 I speak French, I can also speak English (in addition to French). But that's just one of the many possibilities to use 还


还想 means your desire isn't fulfilled yet, 也 is just also


I wrote 'would like to' instead of 'want to' , but was marked wrong. Wouldn't it be correct?


Note that 家 (jiā) works as a measure word for establishments here


"I still want to look at that shop." (rejected answer) needs to be "I still want to check out that shop." (suggested answer). Really? I find it funny that Duolingo wants "check out" over the literal interpretation of "看".


"I would still like to see that shop" is correct, but was not accepted.


I still would like to see that shop. = Accepted.: 23 feb. 2020.


Is there anything wrong with "I still want to look in that shop"? Or would this sentence refer just to seeing the store (exterior/interior) rather than browsing amongst the items in it?


"I still want to look at that store". Any reason why this shouldn't be accepted?


That's a perfectly good translation


"I would still like to see that store" why not?


很想 is better translated as 'really think' or 'really want' as opposed to still. I still want to see that store should be 我還要看那家商店


还 means still


there is no still option available.

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