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Estonian Lessons on TinyCards: Lesson 1!

I really want to learn Estonian again, as I forgot it, so I'm taking vocabulary and putting them into decks on TinyCards. Finnish and Estonian are quite similar languages, and I think it would be cool for more people to learn it.

I have left links down below and tried to follow the Duolingo template! Comment below if you would like to see more!


December 26, 2017



Thank you for making an effort and creating these lessons! :)

However, 'Eesti' would be more precise translation of Estonia instead of 'Eestimaa'. (Eestimaa is correct, but rather a poetical/lyrical version of the word).


Neat! Now I know what your username means :)


I made it up about a year ago cos I hated Nomnom59 but I had no idea what it meant xD


Aitäh! Estonian is a beautiful language with relatively few good resources, any additions are very welcome.


Aitäh, JaEesti2! As an Estonian learner, these are helpful!

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