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Norwegian Advent Calendar.

As promised, I've drawn an artwork for every day of December of Norwegian creatures, but before you click the link...

WARNING! There are drawings of (mild) nudity and (mild) fruity language in the calendar. I've tried to stay true to the traditional descriptions where possible, so it's not my fault that creatures of folklore do not have access to Gap and Ralph Lauren and others have unfortunate names. I have tried to keep it tasteful!

I am not a Norwegian native, and my knowledge of Norwegian is rudimentary at best. There may be errors.



December 26, 2017



Thank you for sharing! I've been hoping you'd post, and now we get an advent calendar with extra days even. You're spoiling us, Moto! :)

The Google translate section had me in stitches too. A cautionary tale for all Norwegian learners:

The greases are often described by where they are found, for example land fat, wood wool, husvette, water fat or sea wool. An attempt has been made to connect Nøkken to freshwater and the drachine of saline as a sea fat, to huldra a land fat or a forest sweat, but it is hard to find any consequence here.

But at least it resulted in a darling little brunostvette. Det er aldri så galt at det ikke er godt for noe!


There has to be a spirit of Brunost, there has to be! :D


Your artwork is amazing! Takk så mye! :)


Thank you, it was quite a fun project, a fair few mythological creatures I'd never heard of. Some seem to have relatives in the UK, but others quite unique.


This is awesome! Very impressive!

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