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Membership terms too heinous

You made me a great offer of 40% off for a year of Duolingo Plus, only $5.99 per mo. But I would prefer to pay one time, not have you hold my card numbers for 12 months. With the hacking going on, my card numbers would be vulnerable for 12 months. As well, your terms and conditions exclude both regular court trials and class action lawsuits. These terms were also unacceptable to me. Your loss -- of business -- for having your lawyers write such a heinous and unfair contract for us.

December 26, 2017



That's pretty standard around the world. For any company you make a payment to with a credit card, they often keep your credit card number on record, especially if it's a company you have repeated business with, a subscription to, or you have an account with. For a company like duolingo, it's an easy way for you to renew your membership. That is standard practice, not heinous.


Maybe try virtual credit card. Some banks like Bank of America VISA offered these type of cards in the past.

When utilized the bank will generate an unique card # for use. The user can select balance of the virtual card and expiration date.


You made me a great offer of 40% off for a year of Duolingo Plus, only $5.99 per mo.

Another user has already posted it in another thread (I will see if I can find it again):

Re-calcute this 40% OFF advertisment with the one-year-pay price vs months price x 12 - 40% for yourself.

You might be surprised.


Bog standard terms these days, at least in the US. Telecommunications, credit cards, utilities and on and on. Good luck avoiding such in future.


But I would prefer to pay one time

There was one user who said they billed him one time and not monthly (I would have to refind this "Asking for support" thread from the last days if he had choosen one year price).


Your perception of these terms as "heinous" suggests you have relatively little experience of these kinds of contracts - DL's is very similar to others I have seen.

Bank or credit card details being hacked from a site is the exception, not the norm. The only way to completely avoid such a risk is to do no business whatsoever online.

Describing normal business practices as heinous? Is a little ridiculous.


A little indirect advice: check out prepaid credit cards. You can get these as both virtual cards (no physical card included) or physical ones (some even offer both). The huge advantage is that no more money can be stolen than what is available on the card. Since one of the ones I use has a direct top-up option, I simply have to put the amount I want to pay on the card and immediately pay, with no money left on the card to be stolen or to be claimed by the company you paid.

The fees for prepaid CCs are often lower than "normal" CCs.

P.S. I don't think Duolingo holds on to your CC info but rather Google (Android) or Apple (iPhone).


I agree that 1 time is better than every month (or even yearly is better). Personally I try to click on "watch the ad" when using the app (I hope it helps duolingo?). It would have been a nice addition to the website if people could donate (using PayPal or credit card) whatever they want or can.


Never use a debit card for store or online buys only use it for ATM.

If your Credit Card number gets stolen you are not forced to pay one cent of the purchase this is Law so no real risk to you. I'm still careful use a CC just for online stuff and one for non-online. Interesting to note only the non-online has had its number stolen.... hate to burst your bubble but even if you make in store buys your card is on the web via mega stores networks (target hack for example) In this age only thing that is safe is cash.

I do agree with you on the monthly billing I would rather 1 time payment and done.

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