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Terribly disappointed Christmas bonus gone

I know this has been discussed elsewhere last year. But I just had to say, I have been looking forward to the Christmas bonus skill for months! And I am terribly disappointed that it's no longer available.

It doesn't help that in the iPhone app, the space is still sitting there in the French from English tree, waiting for the Christmas bonus skill to be installed...


December 26, 2017



Yes, I'm disappointed too. I'd been saving up lingots to buy the lessons when they appeared. The empty slot is very visible on the android app too with no ability to fill it.


Agreed ! I have been waiting the entire year. I started Duolingo in Jan 2017. And, while I have read that they had some troubles with the Christmas Bonus Skill, maybe they could have (1) just told everyone it wouldn't be available this year, or (2) provide a different Bonus Skill. On the Android app on my tablet, I still see the symbol where the 3rd Bonus Skill should be and when I go to the"Store" I still see the message "1 slot open".


I have Christmas bonus skill on my iPad. Why don't you try tinycards.


It's not that good anyway, not that many xmas words which are repeated to death. Also does not accept "Father Christmas" as a valid translation of San Nicolás.


I am surprised the lingot store hasn't been removed entirely yet. They have officially removed all useful items from it.


Well, that explains why it hasn't shown up for me in the store. I don't get the logic of (1) not communicating that it will be withheld and (2) keeping the information close to the chest so it can serve as Christmas spirit anti-matter. :) Happy New Year anyway!

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