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a greek girl learning japanese... so confused!!!

im so confused. Japanese is a hard language! I need help!!!!!

December 26, 2017



What do you need help with specifically?


こんにちは!Welcome to Duolingo!

I'd like to help you out but I need to know what you need help with. Can you be more specific?


Japanese may look intimidating at first, and some may find it hard, too, but once you get further into it, it is actually rather easy. What exactly do you need help with?


Hey, I am also Greek and found Japanese hard at first. It's intimidating to look at but if you focus only on Hiragana(I took one letter per day) then in a short time you'll find it easier. From what I see you're already at Level 6. I suggest you stop moving on your tree and instead revising what you've learned from the very start. Hope that helped!


She is not necessarily far in tree though. I’m at level 7 and still in Hiragana. I won’t move on until I have it cold.

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