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Why was my discussion deleted?

I'm not posting this to ask to get my discussion back, I just want to know why.

Here is the link: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25672229

On my post (in Portuguese topic), I said that Portuguese topic was very "calm" in these last days (people aren't posting in there), so I decided to write a discussion asking people their favorite food/meal in Portuguese.

I read the guidelines again (https://www.duolingo.com/guidelines) and I think I didn't find the reason why my discussion was deleted. I think it might be this following part: "Spam the forum or people’s streams: Leaving a trail of irrelevant entries in forums or on people’s streams may get your account deleted. This includes not only creating posts without substance, but also any other type of spamming."

But I don't understand yet, because a lot of people post discussions like "Hi, how are you?" in English from Portuguese topic and nothing happens. And, in my opinion, my post wasn't a spam because people could learn name of food in Portuguese reading the comments.

Again, I'm not asking my post back or something like this, I just want to understand what happened and, if it was my fault, I won't do it again.

Thank you :)

[Sorry about my English, feel free to correct me]

December 27, 2017



Your post on the link looks as if it was written because you do not have anything to write about. Two times "ha-ha" in five sentences. Also it looks as if you invite everybody to chat and flood.

Sorry, it is my opinion only.


Ohh, that's make a little sense... thanks :) But if those are the reasons, I think Duo should read the English from Portuguese topic more, because omg haha there are a lot of people chatting there...(It's wrong, isn't it?)


Your English is great!


Native American speaker here, that was amazing! You type like a native english speaker yourself.


Wow haha thanks :D


If you can still access your post, than it was most likely down-voted into invisibility by community members, rather than removed by a moderator. (5 cumulative down-votes is enough to do that.)

In other words, a number of folks thought your post did not meet loosely-understood community standards. In the English-language forums, not cluttering up the forums with content that is not directly revelant is a strongly-held value.

Participants in the Portuguese-language forums might apply somewhat different standards, especially if (as I suspect) there are overall fewer posts in those forums.


This is not the case. That post was removed by a moderator.


In that case, you should have gotten an email from the moderator explaining why.


In that case, you should have gotten an email from the moderator explaining why.

Is this written in the rules? Can you cite that? I think the mods may send a explaining, not should. I'm not even talking about the fact that the e-mail in the settings may be incorrect.


Moderators have repeatedly stated that they should send emails regarding the deletion of posts.


I think I didn't receive any email... Or I must have deleted it... I don't know :/


I'm actually very surprised to learn you're not a native english speaker? I know loads of people here in the USA who can't type as well, and as clearly, as you just did! Kudos!


Haha thanks very much xD People here in Duo also helps me a lot... people like you and those other ones in the comments motivate me to learn more :)

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