"Are your parents doctors?"

Translation:Tes parents sont docteurs ?

December 27, 2017



"sont vos parents docteurs" was not accepted. I agree that "médecins" is the preferred word in French fordoctors, but then why did Duolingo in this lesson consistently use "docteurs?" I reported this as an error and would suggest that the preferred word in French "médecins" be substituted in the lesson.

December 27, 2017


I'm afraid you've used an English construction for your French sentence. There are three basic question forms you can use here:

  • Vos parents sont médecins ?
  • Est-ce que vos parents sont médecins ?
  • Vos parents sont-ils médecins ?

D'ailleurs, "médecin" and "docteur" are both accepted here. If you see an exercise where either term is not accepted, please feel free to report if context allows. And there are no other mistakes in your sentence.

Duolingo may seem to have used "docteur" consistently in your lesson because Duolingo randomly chooses sentences from our list, in which we currently have more prompt sentences with "docteur" than "médecin." Luck of the draw, mostly.

December 27, 2017


"Docteur" is a title and the profession is "médecin" (for men and women).

December 28, 2017


It can't be reported because the answer is right. Because it was docteur not docteurs in the options provided. Medicins was there to choose. Please don't hurry while learning. Improve your observation skills. You might have missed to see the difference. Best of luck.

January 5, 2018
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