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I just found a site that lets you read short stories in many languages, AND in parallel text!

Andersenstories - https://www.andersenstories.com/language.php?andersen=008=fr=da

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be spending some time there. It’s a language learner’s dream :D

PS: Oh, and it’s not just H.C.Andersen’s stories - there’s Grimm’s too!

December 27, 2017



Thanks very much for posting!

There's a grimmstories.com site that has the same format. They may very well share the same stories (haven't checked).

If the andersenstories site works like the grimmstories site, a side-by-side file can be formatted of any of the stories offered, in any two of the languages offered. Look towards the bottom of any story page where it will say "Compare two languages," or the equivalent in the page's language. (Which is probably what you mean by "AND in parallel text.")

. . . Now what we need is an aesopstories, 1001nightsstories, perraultstories, afanasyev stories, etc. But Andersen and Grimm will be plenty for language study.


That's really good for reading practice, thanks for sharing! :D


Cool! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks! Great reading practice. If you would also like to listen to those stories in Spanish while reading along, try https://albalearning.com/audiolibros/andersen/


This is excellent, so thank you for sharing! And surprisingly, I recognize some of these stories from when I was younger--and reading them again in another language would be very neat. :)

(Sadly, there's none for Swedish or Esperanto, so I'll stick with reading in Dutch, though even my Dutch read skills are weak.)


I remember when I was at his house in Odense. It was a dream.

Thanks for this!


Fantastic! I read these stories over and over as a kid, and look forward to reading them in Italian.


Thank you very much-just what I need.


Thanks, I’ll try it out

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