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  5. "비행 중인 비행기"

"비행 중인 비행기"

Translation:an airplane in flight

December 27, 2017



What does 중인 mean?I am confused


중 means during, in 인 comes from form of 이다, “to be” to mean: that is

중인 = that is in the middle of

비행 = flight

비행중인 = that is in (mid-)flight (that is flying)

비행기 = plane

비행 중인 비행기 = A plane that is in (mid-)flight or A plane in flight.


飛行 中인 飛行機


but i thought the verb comes at the end not at beginning? flight is the verb right. Maybe its a phrasel verb that doesnt follow the rules


The predicate is in the end of ansentence. This verb form is a participle, used as a modifier, not a predicate.


It's actually an aeroplane. C'mon Duolingo, learn to spell


Both are correct. In linguistics, it's called localism whereby a word, phrase, spelling/ pronunciation is peculiar to a particular locality. In this case, airplane [AmEng] and aeroplane [BrEng].

Both are sometimes abbreviated, especially in speech, to plane.

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