"When do you finish work today?"

Translation:너는 오늘 언제 퇴근하니?

December 27, 2017



Could someone please explain the grammar point, ending the sentence in 니? Thankyou

April 28, 2018


니 is the ending of interrogative written form. In other words, it is used to form questions in 'written' form (also known as 'diary' form or 'formal impolite')

It is completly interchangable with 느냐 suffix, both serve the same purpose

집에 가니? / 집에 가느냐? - do you go home?

I would strongly suggest to throughly redo the unit 'written' of Duolingo

April 1, 2019


'너는 오늘 언제 퇴근하니?', '오늘 너는 언제 퇴근하니?' they are same...

February 26, 2018


너는 오늘 언제 退勤하니?

December 27, 2017
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