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Last speaker of a language

December 27, 2017



Wow! I can't believe that just happened! Peru has so many endangered languages, and there were even more in the last century! These are really bad news, and I would like that indigenous languages like Quechua, Aymara or Shipibo were taught in schools to preserve the rich language culture of my country. A good thing is that peruvian president PPK (Pedro Pablo Kuczynski) is promoting indigenous languages, and if you know one of the 48 official languages of Peru, then that could give you a job here.


The human and cultural loss is very sad indeed. There are a lot of languages in danger of being forgotten... I know a Choctaw man; he is one of less than 5,000 fluent speakers left, and most of them are elderly. He has written a book on Choctaw, but his children do not speak the language despite his efforts to revitalize it.


That's so sad...

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