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How long are you on Duolingo on a daily basis?

How long are you on Duolingo on a daily basis? For me, I spend about ten minutes or so every few days. But I've been inactive for a while.

December 27, 2017



4+ hours on a good day.


2 hours a day at least. I do 3 exercises of languages which trees I already finished, 1 exercise per language which is in level 25 and 6 exercises for the tree I am taking at the moment.


For me, it depends on the day. On normal days, I typically won't spend more than half an hour or so on Duolingo, and on days like today, where I'm striving to learn new skills, I'll spend over an hour or two on Duolingo. Before I'd finished my Swedish tree, I'd spend more time on Duolingo as I progressed closer and closer to the end of my tree. :)


Every day is different. Being retired lends a certain degree of flexibility. I am sometimes prone to "binge" studying, and may work for several hours throughout the day and night. Other days, I may focus on discussions and other sources. To really learn a language, one must go beyond DL. I don't worry much about keeping a streak, but do try to spend a few minutes each day keeping the Spanish tree gold, and the remainder going back through the Korean tree to tempt the contributors to alternative translations. I have enjoyed watching the site develop over the last 5 years, though I would often go several months with little or no activity. I was disappointed when Immersion and personal streams were removed, but my excitement has been rekindled by the stories, the Korean course, and the upcoming advanced skills offerings. Though the site is full of minor irritants, over-all I think it is an amazing contribution to the world.


probably 6+ hours,


I've become less motivated than before, so I probably spend less than 10 minutes now.


i don't keep a close count on it but i study one language for about half an hour and then study my other language later for at least that and usually more so over an hour anyways.


i want to finish my chinese tree within one month so i need to dedicate an hour a day minimum. from then on, i'll probably gonna spend less than hour revising and keeping my streak.


Depends on how much time I've got on my hands. Lately I've been doing about 30 minutes a day. Unfortunately, when I'm busy I can't focus on my language studies and then after some time I just forget about it altogether.


15minutes- 45mins


During my night job I'm usually on it most of the night between tasks.

During days I can sleep, it depends. Usually most of my free time (especially now as I'm studying for a European trip and from there hopefully to do TEFL in China a bit) but sometimes I take a break a few days for a LOT of Pokémon Go (usually) and just do a few exercises a day.


I usually work 1/2 hour with the app when I wake up , then 1 hour in the evening, back from work, on the website. Sometimes more, when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep, or during the week ends.


Usually about 2-5 hours.


Sometimes around 5 hours, sometimes around 5 minutes. Earlier this week I was able to gain 2200+ EXP in a day, and in the past few days I've only been receiving around 20 EXP per day. Depends on how busy I am.


Ten minutes a day during the week, half an hour a day at the weekend; about twenty minutes a day on anki.


I'm trying to make it a daily routine, right now it's easy because I haven't finished the Welsh tree, so I'm doing one skill (aka 2-5 courses) a day which lazily takes me 15-30 minutes. Also they reset the whole tree recently (adding new stuff to courses "locking" skills I've passed) - it shouldn't matter, because I was planing to do it all over again.


An hour at least. I also do Memrise, Lingvist and Anki, so I spend ca 3 hours per day. It is a very time-consuming hobby :)


been slacking the last week with holidays but been averaging 30-40mins

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