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Invitations to Follow

Duolingo offered me the option to follow some members of the community in the new Word Cards App, accessible from the adverts adjacent to the lessons.

The thought crossed my mind, what would be the point of following anyone, since it is not possible to communicate with any followers or any people that one may be following?

Let us discuss this anomaly and bring it to the notice of the Duolingo Design Team. I believe that one should be able to communicate with one's friends in this learning experience.

December 27, 2017



I totally agree. I always find myself wanting to ask some of the people i'm following questions, yet the option is not avalible. Access to contact other users would really heighten my user experience. Also, think of all the potential for practicing language skills privately with some of your followers!


ps-I noticed your bio said you're based in South Africa, and the fact that your a level eight and studying english on duolingo implies that is not your native language. As a native speaker, I would like to compliment you on the fact that based on this post, YOUR ENGLISH IS AMAZING!! Did you have any formal education on the language or is your proficiency soley the result of resources like Duolingo?


Hi Ivy, I must apologise profusely to you for neglecting your Discussion for a whole year.... I hang my head in shame; and hope that you will see this B-E-L-A-T-E-D- Reply sometime soon.

To answer your question, my native language is Afrikaans. I began learning French from English when Duo was a chicken. Once I completed the Tree, I wanted to continue the learning experience so I started learning English from French, doing it the "other way around". So while my English level is low, I'm not entirely lost in it. South Africa has 11 official languages and one is expected to be proficient in at least English, Afrikaans and one other indigenous African language. If you wish to continue this discussion, I'm at strydom96@hotmail.com

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