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  5. "부모님께서 도와주실 사람을 만날 거예요."

"부모님께서 도와주실 사람을 만날 거예요."

Translation:I will meet the person my parents are going to help.

December 27, 2017

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shouldn't it be 제가 부모님께서 도와주실 사람을 만날 거에요 since the translation is I will meet the person my parents are going to help? right now it sounds like "my parents are going to meet the person to help"


해석이 이상합니다. 내가 만나는건지 부무님이 만나는건지.. 이렇게 해석하면 부모님이 그 사람을 만난다는 것이 됩니다.


This is a course taking people from zero knowledge of Korean to some. ~는건지 is not an ending we have met yet. I expect we are learning far less complex sentences than you normally speak hence it seems unnatural.


I think will should be an acceptable replacement to "are going to"


Hard to tell it's not my parents who are going to do the meeting. I suppose if it were, it would be 만나실?


저는 부모님께서 도와주실 사람을 만날 거예요.


it totally doesn't make sense 영어도 말이 안되고 제시된 한글도 엉터리다. DL have to change it!!


I will meet the person whose my parents will help marked wrong :'( why Dou?


Correct English required. But even if you corrected "whose" to "whom" (or "who"), no guarantee they would recognize it.


I'm going to meet someone my parents will help. Can anyone explain why that was marked wrong?


I am disabling this exercise as the sentence really makes little sense. We are sorry for the confusion.

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