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Can you guys tell me all about "Block".

Hi guys,

I just want to know all about "Block". I just don't understand what will happen when someone blocks you or when you block someone. I mean I want to know if someone blocks you can you add them as you friend and how can you tell that you have been block.

Thanks for your comment in advance.

December 27, 2017



Currently, being blocked just prevents you following that person. So the follow button should not appear.

Edit: Thanks to you all - I had forgotten about that :)


Congratulation for getting 1000 streak :O

That's incredible!


Yeah, thats amazing! Props to you @jimnicholson !!!


Happy 1,000 th anniversary JimNicholson !


Great streak and achievements, congratulations !!! :-D


Thanks for your comment jimnicholson, but the thing is I am able to see the follow button and press it and it shows me that I am following that person but it is not appearing in my home page. And It is really awesome to see you have reached 1000 days streak :) Congratulations!!


No you aren't blocked then. It looks like it is taking a while for your leaderboard to get updated. Does the person show on your profile page? (I can currently see you are following four people if I look there)


Hi JimNicholson ! actually, we were following each other but after some months later I think that person has change his profile because his name , the people he was following and the language he was learning were changed. And then I tried to follow him but I can't and no that person is not shown in my profile page from then on . Is this mean I have a problem in my profile or something else. Do I need to post this in troubleshooting for more help if need. And thanks again for your comment :)


I can see you have one blocker: ID 209507428

If you tell me the current username I can confirm if that is this person. (I can't remember how to look up a username from an ID.)

PS: If someone is blocking you, it's best to just move on. There are over 30 million active monthly users on Duolingo. Plenty of other people to follow if you want.

Edit: Yeah, if you edit the original post, you can move this to troubleshooting. You might get more help there.

Edit: Found it. The account that has blocked you (and ten other people) is -TresLangues- But it is best not to follow up on people blocking you - it's their choice and they don't need to give you an explanation or anything. Just move on.


Hi JimNicholson ,Thanks for spending your time in helping me out. Actually I wrote this post just to check whether there is a problem in my device and not to try to follow anybody.(I just want to explain why I wrote this post just to make sure you understand it) I was not able to see that person in my profile and I thought that I was having some problem in my profile or device and that is the reason I can't see him in my profile and then I went to his profile to check whether the problem is in my profile or he has blocked me and I tried to follow him back and as yourself said before in your first comment that (the follow button should not appear if you have been blocked) as I said I am able to see the follow button and press it and it shows me that I am following that person but it is not appearing in my home page here is were I thought that I had some problem in my profile or device that is what made me to write this post . Again thank you so much for clearing my doubt : )

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