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Learning Notebooks

What do you write into the notebooks? Should we write all the vocabulary in the textbooks into the notebooks?

December 27, 2017



When we learn a language, we need to learn its vocabulary and grammar, then we need to put the two together to make sentences. So, a language notebook should basically include those three parts (vocabulary, grammar notes, and examples) grouped by topic (home. school, restaurant, etc.) or grammar rule (past tense, passive voice, etc.) or both. Personally, I used to also add a section at the end of each topic to list the books and websites I got my notes from.
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I created a Power Point template that I save to PDF format, for all of the languages I've studied. This helps save me the time it takes to write things out, when I can simply copy and paste from many sources. I also add links to websites to help me jump directly on-line for a particular practice or subject. When the notebook is complete, and includes the vocabulary, phrases, conversations, grammar topics, websites, translated podcasts, songs, poems, and daily routines, then I convert to PDF and can read it on my Kindle. Each page has hyperlinks within the document so I can quickly move about.

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