"J'aime la couleur de cette fleur."

Translation:I like the color of that flower.

December 27, 2017

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Why is "I love the color of that flower" wrong? "Aimer" means both "like" and "love", but on certain occasions i get corrected like this and i can't find a pattern. On another occasion, "Elle t'aime" was "she likes you", so it doesn't seem to be connected to the love people/like objects thing.


From Tips and Notes:

Love is tricky in France. For people and pets, aimer means "to love", but if you add an adverb, like in aimer bien, it means "to like". For everything else, aimer only means "to like". Adorer can always mean "to love", though it tends to be more coy than aimer.

I would have thought that Elle t'aime would translate as "she loves you" and elle t'aime bien would translate as "she likes you".

For inanimate objects, such as flowers, aimer means "to like".


This new format is interesting. I'm grateful for the new features of "Tips and Notes" now available for the Android App users. The tutorials are also very helpful. The only criticisms I have are: that when the correct answer is revealed we can no longer compare it to what we wrote. In Duo's previous version we were able to drag the 'correct answer balloon' out of the way and examine our answer. Not anymore. The other critique is superficial in nature- the language tree and user menu have taken on a Very cartoonish and childlike appearance. This may be to appeal to a younger demographic, but personally I find it quite off putting- even annoying.

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