"This tea tastes very good."


December 27, 2017

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What I would like to know is how/why 很 in this context means 'very', and why '... tastes good' is not accepted as an answer.

I appreciate and understand 很 can mean 'very', but in many previous exercises it has simply acted to connect an adjective to a noun, and excess required another method of expression such as 非常 or 太 . So, pretty please, an explanation, change the English to remove the superfluous 'very', or change the accepted answers.


Agreed. It's 非常 frustrating -- a few sentences ago, I was marked wrong because I translated "very" as 很 when Duo wanted 非常, then in this sentence I was marked wrong because I translated "very" as 非常 when Duo wanted 很.


This seems to imply you can't praise tea generally, but only in cups?


It just depends on whether you want to praise this tea, this cup of tea, this type of tea, this breed of tea leaves,… there is no limit.


We haven't learnt the counter for them yet, and it's not so practical at this stage.


Is there no way to translate this to Chinese and include 味道 and still be correct?


When is very good "非常好喝" or "很好吃"?

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