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Duolingo Swahili English errors

Thanks for a great Swahili learning app, but the English in the app needs editing as there are many poor English errors which forcing one to use incorrect or poor English to advance. Thanks again, enjoying learning using the app very much.

December 27, 2017



The bad English seemed concentrated near the end of the tree when I was working down there. The contributors mentioned when the course launched that their strategy was to work through reports from the top on down since the ones there affect the most users, but keep on reporting. The pace of work on the course seems to have picked up a lot lately. Hopefully all the issues will soon be fixed.


It got worse as I progressed so for the time being I’ve stopped using the app waiting for a corrected update


I've been noticing the same thing while progressing through the skills. Hopefully the team will listen to the comments and suggestions once they get around to pushing out of beta mode.


Keep on giving feedback for each correct response that gives you incorrect marks. The course editors did not think of all possible correct answers, and I'm sure it takes them only a minute to fix things on their end so possible correct answer(s) will be accepted.

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