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Offline mode still has problems


Just wondering whether anyone else is still encountering issues with regard to offline mode?

I download lessons and complete them, only to go online again and realise that they haven't been credited and I have to redo them. Alternatively, I do them on a different device and they don't sync.

I've lost a number of streaks in this fashion and more annoying I have had to redo lessons which is frustrating. It does not seem like a technically difficult thing to fix - are there any efforts being made to do so?


December 27, 2017



Wrong sub-forum! You should move (edit) it to Troubleshooting!


For the inter-device sync: That could be another technical problem....
Have you submitted a bug report (ticket) under "Help" (the green button)?

Trust me, DuoLingo staff is already aware that their new BETA Plus code may not be 100% finished.

Duolingo Plus is Extremely Broken: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23228487

You can search for all threads from TheDeeplyBroken (those you have not been already deleted including all answers):

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