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  5. "Msiende kucheza"

"Msiende kucheza"

Translation:Do not go to play

December 27, 2017



The word for dancing and playing is the same in swahili :)


Which is exactly why I reported it.


I just wanted to confirm that: "Don't go to play" is different from "Don't go play". In that case, how should I translate the latter. Thanks in advance.


"Don't go play!" doesn't exist in my dialect of English (Australian). It sounds to me like something only Americans would say, so I'm not sure of the difference. I'd probably say "Don't go and play."


I try my best to write bad English grammar, and answered "Don't go playing". Wrong! The 'correct' translation is "Don't go dancing". Reported.


Why is "don't go playing" bad grammar?


I try my best to write bad English grammar

Swahili course getting to you a bit? ;) Thankfully things are improving again.

"go dancing" is a common expression in English; "go playing" isn't, as far as I know


i understand the M-si- is suggestive of you (pl) - don't, so I explicitly translated you all don't go to play. RONG so i marked this for correction. Sawa?


Without very specific context, this sentence makes no sense grammatically.


What is wrong with "do not go and play"? "Do not go to play," is not grammatically correct


This makes no sense grammatically. You are teaching bad habits and lazy English. You can't even be bothered to reply!


we do not get new notifications for every single comment made. The sentence structure is fine as it is, please specify what you need clarification with; I'm not sure what you're referring to as "bad and lazy English"


This is still not correct idiomatic English! This is translation, not interpretation, which is why it is bad lazy English.


"Do not go play," is an even greater example that you are encouraging bad and lazy English because, by your own admission, thr verb To Go takes a preposition! As an instructional tool, you have to be consistent.


This is still grammatically incorrect. Do something about it! Even if its just to reply to justify this bad grammar.


'Do not go to play' is perfectly good English. 'Do not go and play' is spoken English but not correct written English.

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