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Help with 3 french sentences

Hello, I have been learning French via Duo and other sources. The following questions are sentences from a TV show I found on Youtube that I need help comprehending: -N'est ce pas mon Loulou que nous avons le courrier. - google translate is not helping. -C'est mon chien a mai ca. - google translate is not helping this one either. -J'ai bien recu ton coussin. - This one I understand the sentence, I'm just having trouble understanding why "bien" is there. Can't you say the sentence without the "bien"?

December 27, 2017



Your pillow perfectly arrived. You can say "Ton coussin est arrivé", but the adverb "bien" reinforces the idea that everything has gone wonderully.

Is it not true, Darling, that we have the mail?

C'est mon chien à moi, ça. This sentence is intentionaly wrong in French, like when you are speaking to a baby. It is my dog, that little animal. In French, it is not correct to use in the same sentence '"mon" and "à moi".


1- I'm not exactly sure... Sorry.

2- It's my dog that put that there... I think, sorry again.

3- I did meet your cousin... That one I know for sure.


You add the bien so that, well...

Here, this might help.

J'ai bien recu ton cousin--> I did meet your cousin.

J'ai recu ton cousin--> I met your cousin.


"coussin" (cushion), not "cousin(e)" (cousin).

"I received your cushion / pillow", not "I met your cousin".

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