Translation:He doesn't get lost

December 27, 2017



If I wanted to say: "He is lost" would I use the perfect tense?

So: Amepotea. ? And for the negative?: Hajapotea?


Yes! Although I'm not sure about the negative because the -ja- form tends to kind of imply "not yet".


Is it wrong to translate this to "It doesn't get lost"?


it's wrong because "ha" negative prefix only refers to singular m-wa class or singular third person (he/she), and m-wa class is only used to refer to animate nouns (people or animals). so unless you call animals "it", it's better to translate to "he/she doesn't get lost" (swahili doesn't differentiate gender grammatically)


I may be wrong but i think the h- is negative on an a- verb, which is he/she. So I wouldn't do it that way.

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