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A Little Help Please?

Well, i bought a Double Or Nothing thing from the lingot store but,everytime i check it, the "1 of 7" days thing NEVER moves. and today is the like 3 days after i bought it. Please tell me how this Double or Nothing thing works.

April 10, 2014

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You purchased your wager on Apr 8th after you had already extended your streak for the day. That means the rest of the activity on Apr 8th doesn't count towards extending your wager, since you had already extended your streak.

On Apr 9th, you had activity which extended your streak from 2 to 3 and your wager to 0/7 to 1/7.

Today (Apr 10th), the only activity you've had is following somebody and this comment, so your streak hsan't been extended today and neither has your wager. Thus it is currently sitting at 1/7, which is accurate.

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