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  5. "你喜欢白酒还是红酒?"


Translation:Do you like white wine or red wine?

December 27, 2017



白酒 is not equivalent to White Wine! In China, Bai Jiu is a hard liquor. 红酒 is used for red wine. It should be 白葡萄酒, Bai Pu Tao Jiu


Agreed. They never usually differentiate, but if you order 白酒 and think youre getting white wine youre in for a surprise. Standard 白酒 is like 50% alcohol.


They mention this specifically in the tips and notes of this lesson. If you write "baijiu" it's also accepted.


"Do you prefer Baijiu or red wine? "

Should be accepted


This is just silly at this point, but if you write baijiu as the translation for "baijiu" then you have to write red wines (plural) instead of just red wine.

Red wine is seen as a category, and you shouldn't have to say red wines.


How is this a question?


It is a declarative statement with a question mark at the end.


I think that's implied by the 还是 in that two options given. I think if you dropped the 'do you' structure that makes the English an explicit question and said "you like white wine or red" it would still be taken as a question for the same reason.


In English, we usually put the short word first in a pair. So I've reported that "Do you like red or white wine?" should be accepted. Yes the Chinese puts the colours in a different order, it's just euphony. (Same for 'man and woman', 'salt and pepper' etc. )

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