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Pinyin on hover!

Especially with the audio on hover not working, but even in general, I'd really like to be able to see a character's pinyin translation on hover. Sometimes I have trouble hearing subtle differences (z vs. c).

December 27, 2017



Z sounds like dz. like the ds in beads.

C sounds like ts like the ts in mats.

One uses your vocal cords, the other one doesn’t.


Z is /ts/ (unvoiced and unaspirated); Mandarin-speakers will hear /dz/ as /ts/ (owing to the lack of aspiration), but it isn't a voiced sound in Mandarin (similarly, English-speakers will tend to hear /ts/ as /dz/).
C is /tsʰ/ (unvoiced and quite heavily aspirated).

Voicing unaspirated consonants will allow the speaker to be understood, but these are not correct pronunciations.


I agree, the audio on hover being broken is particularly damaging to this course. I've actually taken a break from doing DuoLingo until they fix this and some of the other bugs, and I encourage others to do the same. If they saw a falloff in usage of the site following bugs like this, it might provide a stronger incentive for them to fix the bugs.


+1 vote !

I keep copying the characters to google translate just to see the pinyin with tones.

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