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Strategies for keeping tree golden...

Delighted, I have just finished French skill tree. Thank you Duolingo. I would love to hear about any strategies for keeping the tree golden. Thanks.

December 27, 2017



I suspect any strategies are going to have to be amended as the new skill levels are inroduced I have already seen a big change in the number of sentences required to regild a skill. I have been regilding French from Russian and now have only three skills left. It has taken twice as long as previous trees have to regild but it does feel as if it being more thorough. You seem to have to answer a question from every direction as it were to be deemed to know it fully. I have stayed engaged despite the repetition because it is more challenging. I did the course to improve my Russian but it is polishing my French too. I am looking forward to the skill levels when they reach the web.


Congrats! This is a good thread for strategies for tree upkeep (I'm trying to go back on my Spanish and Swedish trees right now, I've been busy these past few months and finally returning to my trees)





You should click on the strengthen skills button under the daily goals weekly xp lookout.


Heartfelt thanks for all the words of encouragement. When are the new skill levels going to be introduced and where will they be announced?

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