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  5. "We smelled coffee."

"We smelled coffee."

Translation:Cítily jsme kávu.

December 27, 2017



Hi, so does the verb cítit can refer to feeling and taste? When I first read the sentence I thought it would be we felt like coffee but I used taste because of the hints


It can be feeling (feel in multiple senses: I feel bad today. I can feel it with my fingers. etc.), smell or taste (Cítil jsem v tom chuť kávy - I felt the taste of coffee in it.). See also https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/c%C3%ADtit

Big dictionaries list some more nuances, similarly to the English word feel.


pardon my question : what is the difference between citily and citili? first verb neuter plus. second is masculine plus. ?


This suggests the speakers are all feminine. The rules are more complicated for some weird combinations that include neuter, but, if there is anything masculine inanimate in the group - -li, only feminine -ly, only masculine inanimate -ly, only neuter -la.

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