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"We have never seen some of our son's girlfriends."

Translation:Některá synova děvčata jsme nikdy neviděli.

December 27, 2017



"Nikdy jsme neviděli některá synova děvčata." This sentence is being marked as incorrect. Is it?


I have never heard the word "cromulent" before.
When looking it up, this is what I found: "Cromulent" is a word created by Simpsons writer David X. Cohen, ...." Is VladimirFu8 a big fan of the Simpsons?


"Nikdy jsme neviděli některé synova přítelkyně"?


What about "Nikdy jsme neviděli některá synove děvčata?"? What would the sentence look like if we didn’t want to begin with the object?


You can do many different word orders in Czech language. The word order is very free. The word themselves do not change however. "Nikdy jsme neviděli některá synovA děvčata." is a perfectly cromulent Czech sentence and the meaning is the same as the original but you stress a different word.

Your word order stresses "nikdy" and the original stresses "některá" or "některá synova děvčata". You often decide according to what is already known and what is the new part announced by the sentence.


The "e" was a typo here :)

Thank you for your answer, it confirms what I thought.


některé synové přítelkyně jsme nikdy neviděli is not accepted. Should it be?


No, the correct feminine possessive is "některé synovy přítelkyně".


thank you. You are always very prompt!


Why is bad "Některé synovy přítelkyně jsme nikdy neviděli."?


Některa synova devcata jsme nikdy neviděli. This is "choose a right sentence" exercise. There is another option : My jsme nektere divky naseho syna nikdy neviděla. If it is "neviděli" at the end, then this would be a correct answer, too? Thank you!


It would

Are you sure you copied the sentence exactly? What you wrote, even if unlikely, could also theoretically work for a neuter gender speaker. But it is true I cannot come up with any such group that could have "their son".


Thank you for your reply. I'm sure I copied it exactly (I couldn't type hacek and so on though). But now it's clear :-) I feel ok, thank you!


Side translations are not supposed to be used to make options in "pick the right translation" exercises.

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