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Accusative German

I am on this sentence and I still get confused with the accusative case sometimes: "Es ist nicht deine Schuld"

Why is there no accusative in this sentence? Accusative is "who or what" with the verb, so I thought Schuld would be the direct object.


December 27, 2017



The accusative doesn't apply for the verb "Sein", that's why it's not "Ich bin einen Mann" - it's just "Ich bin ein Mann"


If you ask what? with a linking verb, you will find a verb complement not a direct object. For example: Peter is happy. (Step 1. Find the verb = is) (Step 2. Ask What? = happy.) (However, on this occasion, happy is not the direct object. This is because is (i.e., the verb to be) is a linking verb.)


Schuld is the predicate nominative.

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