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when to use 'eating' and when 'eating some' in French?

I'm just starting French here, so I'm rather puzzled as to when to use for example why sometimes it is 'mange de la poisson' and when something else like 'mange la Baguette'? (It came up in one question, which I wonder wether was a mistake) Duolingo is telling me 'du' or 'de la' meant 'some', so it is equally right to say 'je mange la poisson' when i meant a particular fish?

December 27, 2017



So in French, when you say "mange la Baguette" it means you eat the entire baguette. "Je mange le chocolat" means you've eaten all the chocolate in the world. This is why the french use "de" meaning some, to specify how much they have eaten. I think if you were holding a sandwich and wanted to say "je mange le sandwich" it would be fine and make sense in that context, yet I'm no expert and to be safe I would always try to use a variation of "de" when possible.


Have you read every sentence discussion thread in the lesson where partitive articles are taught?

"Un/le/du poisson" is a masculine noun, so you can't use "de la".

Un poisson = a fish

Le poisson = the fish

Du poisson = (some) fish.

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