"What time will you open tomorrow?"


December 27, 2017

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I feel like "明天几点开门” is an acceptable way to convene the same meaning. Perhaps even more representative of everyday conversation.


I would like to say by native instinct we don't omit 你們 here, e.g. if we are talking to a shopkeeper and are obviously asking when the shop opens again tomorrow. We omit it only when we are actually on the topic of opening schedule already, e.g. the shopkeeper has already suggested that we come again tomorrow.


So, you wouldn't say 明天你几点开门 even if you were talking to the shopkeeper who doesn't have any other employees?


I would in such case.


This is acceptable since the context is clear to the translators. However, in Duolingo, the word order is important.


I have suggested the singular version of “you”. I imagine the plural version is more natural in a large shop, but a “sole trader” would be a singular “you”.


What about "明天几点你们开门"? This structure has been taught in earlier lessons


Is there any reason 你们明天什么时候开门 should be incorrect?


It is correct, but I assume duolingo doesn't teach it, so it doesn't accept it since you're not supposed to know it (considering you just use duolingo). I have learnt that 什么时候 and 几点 have amost the same meaning, but 几点 is more specific. Again, what you said is correct but duolingo simply doesn't recognise it.


It is well worth clicking the flag for “my answer is correct“. The team clearly to review these, and if and when they accept it they send you a nice little email. For example, in one question they did not accept “她们”; only “他们”, but I reported it and now they do :)


Thanks. Have a lingot!


based off of the Englsh in the sentence, 你明天九点开门 should be an acceptalbe answer. How is one supposed to know there are more then one shop owner in this sentence. hahah

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