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  5. "The room is cold."

"The room is cold."

Translation:방이 춥습니다.

December 27, 2017



Is there any difference between "춥습니다" and 차갑습니다"?


I think 춥슺니다 is for cold weather e.x 방이 춥습니다 (the room is cold) and 차갑습니다 is used like 'cold to the touch' e.x 차가 차갑습니다 (the tea is cold to the touch) Like 덥습니다 (hot for weather) and 뜨겁습니다 (hot to the touch)


So I wrote 덥습니다 by mistake and it was accepted as a typo. I think the typo detection in general doesn't work well with Korean because it counts entire syllables as characters and hence an entirely wrong syllable will be counted as only one wrong character. Please fix this.


房이 춥습니다


How do you get a spelling error on multiple choice


I know I was confused too, I think it's to make us think harder before choosing.


I think depending on your skills because of the skill test we all took in the beginning you could also type you own answers or maybe you can change it in the settings

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