"My professor knows all exhibitions."

Translation:Meine Professorin kennt alle Ausstellungen.

December 28, 2017



Why won't the system accept "Mein Professor?" It keeps changing it to "Meine Professorin," which I realize means a female professor, but why is the male form rejected?

December 28, 2017


It shouldn't reject that translation, both are correct. Please report it next time within the lesson.

December 28, 2017


Not wisst?

February 27, 2018


No, there is a difference in German between "knowing" in a "knowledge" sense (wissen), and in a "knowing of" sense.

My professor knows her subject; The student know his lesson: wissen.
My professor knows her students, the building plan, this ressource: kennen.

December 24, 2018
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