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How to add pics to a discussion post

I need to make a post that includes screenshots and I don't know how to add them. Could someone that knows how to help me please! Thanks in advance!

December 28, 2017



Assuming you have uploaded your screenshot(s) to an image sharing site, you can embed them in the Discussions using the following Markdown syntax:

![](link to image)

Note the link to your image must be a link to the image itself, not the page in which it is contained. Example:


This is a link to an Imgur post for Chechnyaball. Using this link will not work. However the actual image (which can usually be accessed by right clicking the image and clicking "Copy image address") is:


This link contains nothing but the image and will work with the format.

There's more you can do with the images such as providing alternate text or linking the image to another site, as well as other commands. You can find them here.


What is the screenshot is coming from my camera roll


You can upload them here and follow my instructions.


I really don't want to go do that is there an easier way


You must use a file-sharing service of some kind. No one here can access your personal computer.


Huh? How to do it? I didn't understand...

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