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  5. "We like animals."

"We like animals."

Translation:Máme rádi zvířata.

December 28, 2017



How do I know when to use what rad/rada/rado/rady/radi


Why is "Nám zviřata" recommended as an answer if it is not marked as correct?


How recommended? It is nonsense. Also the spelling of "zvířata" is wrong.

Your words mean something like "animals to us".


The hint says "Nàm zvířata"


It does not explicitly say so. It says "nám" for "we like". It likely comes from a different sentence that has something like "líbi se nám". Not all hints are applicable to the specific sentence, it is like a dictionary. But this hint might indeed be not good in general.

I removed the hint because I did not find a single sentence where it made a good sense.


hints are shared by all trees of the language pair. but they will figure it out.

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