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  5. 4 years on Duolingo!!


4 years on Duolingo!!

My fourth Christmas here ... but Duolingo is going from bad to worse .. when I started here it was so fun to learn English, now Duolingo is not like before ... I hope next year comes with New thing :)

Disculpen el inglés soy colombiano :D

Happy New Year

December 28, 2017



Felicidades por 4 años!


I agree with you SoyHenry, the Duolingo is not like before, the year 2017 was a year of many changes here at Duolingo, but it was bad changes, the selfish decisions of Duolingo founder disappointed thousands of users, including me.


"the selfish decisions of Duolingo founder"

Now you're being selfish. So many new features that are actually good that compensate for Immersion, and you're just, "bad changes, selfish Duolingo founder" Well if it's bad then why are you here?


I wonder how many people would pay 10 USD for any immersion-like feature... People were sharing articles and helping each other. I wish someone would reconsider the immersion feature, in a profitable way. I'm looking at a children's hospital ad. Next I will be looking at an ASPCA ad. IF I play the game for 1 minute I will be hooked, guau. ... brb.

Ocultar anuncios? give me something I can use?


Agreed. I don't really want to ocultar anuncios since I don't care about the ads para nada but that's the only option Duolingo gives for payments. I would probably pay a good $10 for an immersion feature like the one in Translatihan.


looks like you are learning almost every language they have - very impressive.


Duolingo is now a business :(


There have been a lot of changes in 2017, some of them very difficult. However, let's not forget that there are also some exciting changes happening on Duolingo, such as the stories and the Spanish podcast in the Labs. I hope this continues to expand to include more languages, like English! Soon we may have skill levels for our trees too, adding a new dimension and challenge. These changes leave me feeling optimistic.


Hola SoyHenry, no sabía que eres columbiano. Solo sabía que eres Henry :-) Que se muestre feliz el año nuevo, esperemos que 2018 sea lleno de bendiciones, buena salud, así que muchos idiomas y amigos en duolingo.


Eres latina ? ... Tenía muchos compañeros de estudio aquí que se fueron por esos cambios tan malos que hicieron ... Tienes una buena racha :O


gracias, jaja, soy danesa. Vivo en los EE.UU. y por eso fue una buena idea de aprender el español. Entonces comenzó a aprender hace 4 o 5 años. Mucha gente aqui habla español. Es un idioma muy lindo, entender español ha enriquecido mi vida.


Tu español es realmente bueno .... si hablas como escribes .. ya eres una traductora :)


¡gracias! eres muy amable


Change is hard. But I'm still having a blast from the community of Duolingo. I can tell that a lot of really hard work still goes into it. It's not perfect but what is? I mean you cant have ice cream everyday. It's been 4 years maybe its just time for you to go to the next level. You are at level 25 in two languages.


I only learn English and I like ice cream every day! :D


Vaya, ¿hace 4 años que aprendes inglés con Duolingo? No sabía que eras colombiano, tu inglés está muy bien. Y estoy de acuerdo con lo que dijiste, Duolingo antes estaba mejor con herramientas más útiles, pero ahora tienen cosas nuevas como "Labs".


Por qué ya no se puede escribir en los foros de los demás ... Por qué quieron inmersión ... Qué se hace con todos esos lingots que uno tiene ... Son cosas que podrían arreglar .... Tu español es bueno


No sé, pero discrepo contigo en que Duolingo está cada vez peor. Lo que sí puedo compartir es el tema de inmersión, que era una excelente herramienta, y también lo del activity stream o como se llame. Quizás un poco más de interacción entre usuarios no vendría mal, pero no diría que Duolingo está en decadencia.
De hecho, han sacado cursos nuevos, hay árboles que se han renovado, tienen podcast en español, agregaron stories en alemán y francés y también incluirán algo llamado Skill levels, lo cual me tiene bastante entusiasmado. A mí me sigue gustando Duolingo y no lo veo como una red social, de hecho, me encanta que no lo sea, pero por lo menos ver cuando un usuario sube de nivel, o que aprendió X unidad en X idioma también sería mejor.

Apoyo Duolingo 100%. Mal que mal, es gratis y es una excelente herramienta.


I still remember your user name from times when discussions on the forum were vibrant and stimulating ...

But to be fair, Duolingo has made some good and some bad developments: The best new feature are certainly the stories, not to mention that we finally have Japanese after all these years. The mobile version with gems and severe punishment for mistakes is surely the worst development.

Still, I hope we us here for the 5 year aniversary :D


times those lol .. is that they have been some very strange changes ... you're right not everything is negative ... how many years in duo give me a shirt? :D


I've been here for 4 years, too!


Felicidades por tus 4 años ... Creo que ya es hora de dar un paso al costado haha


Grácias ... Eso estoy pensando Lol


I have also been here 4 years and seen some things go e.g. hearts that I was glad to see the back of, and some I was sorry...Yes, immersion. But let's not forget Immersion was only for the original courses: Spanish, French, Italian and German.

We have seen so many new languages added we should be happy. We have Labs with charming and instructive stories. I'm thrilled with the French.

And now with the introduction of the new Levels you have options on how much you want to do on each skill and most important every language can be taken to a much higher level. Far above what we have even at level 25 now.

See here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25615588


¡Felicitaciones por estar aquí cuatro años! Su ingles es muy bueno. ¿Ha usado recursos fuera de Duolingo?


There is no doubt that Duolingo has made some questionable decisions, but I think we often allow the negatives to overshadow the good. I'm not at all happy that Immersion was removed, but I do love how Stories are in French now. I'm glad a Stories feature exists in the first place. There is good in almost anything. ^ ^

Keep on with your studies and I hope you're here for a fifth Christmas!


You might consider acquiring skill in another language at this point. Or, consider using a different site since this one has gone "from bad to worse."


Considering how much is broken right now, I don't know how anyone could say the site is getting better.


Look at your flags. Most of them didn't exist when this user started his streak. Can't you remember when Duolingo started off? There were only a few languages, most of them European. The number of languages available here has increased at an incredible rate. Most courses are developing and adding content every day.


Wait, sorry, I'm a tad confused. Did you just argue with yourself? Or did you quote someone else and then prove them wrong? I haven't really gotten good sleep in the past several days so I might just not be processing information properly but it kind of looks like you debated yourself.


SoyHenry, did you just change your avatar?

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