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Duolingo Feedback Response

About nineteen hours ago, I received an email notifying me that an alternate translation I had reported is now accepted. This seems to indicate that a contributor has returned to the course. Speculative, of course, but perhaps we can hope for a solution soon to the audio mystery.

December 28, 2017



I just got one too, from Emilianmbassa. I only did the first couple of skills, as I was (and am still) waiting for audio before embarking on the course in earnest. It is a scandal that this so beautifully euphonious language still has no sound. If you are reading, Emilianmbassa, I am delighted that there is life in Swahili HQ, so please add the audio!


I just got a couple of e-mails that my correct-English-sentence feedback has been accepted. One e-mail was from Emilian and another was from Rehema. I hope others continue to submit their suggested fixes so this course can continue to improve while the contributors have time to work it. :-)


If possible, I could help correcting all those stupid translation issues with articles and few more. No big language knowledge needed, but I see no way to get in touch, so if the course developer is reading this, please get in touch!


Four more translations accepted! :-)


boy does this give me hope


It's good to hear that things are moving again. Personally, I don't mind that there's no audio yet. Just trying to get the vocabulary and grammar into my head is challenging enough. What an interesting language!


Got a feedback response as well. Just one, though I submitted a large number of corrections.


I've had two, and both from early lessons.


I really hope so! I (as well as so many others) have been waiting for the audio for so long! I've started the first few skills but just cannot get it in my head without hearing it so have decided to wait until the audio has arrived. Please add the audio soon - I think there will be huge celebrations from people on duolingo when it is!


That's great to hear! I've been putting the course off, because of the lack of audio and the problems with the sentences I heard existed. Good to know at least the latter is being worked on.

Do we know if it's up to the contributors to add audio or if it's Duolingo's job?



It's quite bizarre. From a reading of the last three updates, it seems the contributors have all the audio recorded, and something I read a while ago made me think the contributors had submitted the audio (or thought they did) to Duolingo staff for implementation. So maybe there was some issue with the audio … maybe the Swahili team thought they sent it in but there was a technical failure … maybe staff is too busy with higher profile languages and features to match the audio to the right sentence …


Did not count, but four or five in one day ...


I got five yesterday morning, most if not all submitted just a couple days ago. If anyone's been finding the permitted answers in the first part of the tree not flexible enough, I'd say go have another go and if you run into any problems, report, and you might well have some happy e-mails in your inbox quite soon.


They are really working on it now. I keep receiving feedback messages.

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