"Son magasin est trop petit."

Translation:His store is too small.

December 28, 2017

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Why is "his store to small" inncorrect. What shows his in this sentance to make it his?


His store is too small.

First of all, you need the verb "is" in your sentence. Secondly, the word for trop is "too." Too in this context means excessively, to a higher degree than is desirable, too much.

The "his" part of this sentence is "son." That is the possessive adjective.

One additional thing to remember: Unlike English, French possessive adjectives agree with the object and not the person possessing them.

Son chat = his or her cat
Sa lettre = his or her letter
Son histoire = his or her story


Sorry i mean her is inncorrect


"Her store is too small" is an accepted translation.


His store is very small was rejected can anyone tell me why


très = very
trop = too


After a recent visit to an historical site in the UK I finally made the connection between English "shop" and American "store". I toured the tunnels at Fort Amherst in Kent, built initially following the Dutch invasion of the River Medway in 1667, and greatly extended in Napoleonic times against the threat of a French invasion, which never materialised. Something about Waterloo, which put a stop to his gallop.... However, revenons encore a nos moutons. The final point of the tour was a look at the powder magazine, where a couple of thousand barrels of gunpowder were stored (beneath a guardhouse full of smoking Redcoats, but I imagine people were no different then. Give me a rule and I'll break it.) Which brings me back to "shop". Magasin A place to store stuff until you use it, or until someone comes "shopping" for it. Store. A place to store stuff until it is sold. Magasine a place to store stuff until you want to make it go Boom! What about shop? Old French échoppe (a lean-to booth), German Schopf (a porch), Old English shippon (a cattle shed), Middle English "shop" (a booth or shed for trade or work). Back to a storage facility to keep stuff in until you can move it on.


Am annoyed as I said His SHOP is too small which I know is right! Am English, ( living in France) and we say shop rather than the American option 'store'. You need to give your system greater answer vocab, given u have many nationalities doing Duolingo! I like your app but this happens so often!


That is odd. "His shop is too small" is a listed translation. Are you certain there wasn't a typo?


In English a store is called a shop

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