Duolingo course clone, client-side scripting only.

Let's say that HYPOTHETICALLY I am working on something like that, html, css and javascript only, with intention to publish it. It runs on your own computer and the files ares editable, making it possible for anyone to make his own course out of it. Basically it's a template.

Goal is to publish my own course to get feedback from Duolingo users and staff. To show them that it is time for them to add it officially.

What do you think?

December 28, 2017


Are you saying you're "hypothetically" making a client-side Duolingo tree maker that can be used to make new trees and learn with them locally using Duolingo's code (or in a similar fashion)?

This idea is GREAT. You have no idea the language courses I along with many others could make with this. We could make trees for high-demand courses (like Finnish, but AFAIK that's already in the works). We could promote and help rescue endangered languages. There's so many possibilities with this idea... Honestly I was imagining something similar but knew little about JavaScript to actually try making something like this... With the size of the Duolingo community, this would probably be immensely successful.

However my main concern is with something like this, low quality or even inaccurate trees could be published with this. I think it should be made with the Incubator in mind, where contributors can apply to make a language tree on another site. However since this new Incubator is community-run, we can get back to applicants much faster than Duolingo would. They make the course, and once they finish they can publish the files for the tree and any user can download them and go through the tree using the utility.

December 28, 2017

Not a maker/generator software or anything like that.. just the tree, with all editable lines inside html files, which means, to create your own you will have to have patience.

Visually it will look much the same as if you were doing a real Duolingo's tree, except there won't be voice recognition included, and strengthening or progress bar. I can't do much if the goal is to make it work locally. I'll try to include voice recording and playback options, so you can compare your own voice with the authentic one. Has to be made with javascript.

Anyway, I'm not making high-end stuff here, just trying to make a point.

There's lots of folks out there waiting for new courses, this can be the least i could do for them and myself.

"Hypothetically" of course.

December 28, 2017

Maybe I'm just thinking big, but either way I hope I can help develop a fullout tree making utility and a community-run Incubator sometime in the future.

December 28, 2017

I love the idea of a user-made option for a tree (provided that the language information is accurate, of course) due to the fact that Duolingo doesn't have that many volunteers and it would be good to have them for dying languages. Also, Duolingo typically needs multiple volunteers to make a course, and often can take years to complete one. If Duolingo (with its easy-to-use interface and fun gamification) were like Memrise, Tinycards, etc. in the sense that users could make their own courses, we'd have many more languages to learn. I myself have been waiting for more courses for Spanish speakers, such as Russian, Mandarin, Korean, etc. and this would be easier if we had an option to make courses. (even if it's not officially on the Duolingo website, having an option to make trees would be nice)

The unfortunate downside to that would be that it's likely people would have trees with inaccuracies, like other websites where people could make courses.

December 28, 2017

I am excited to hear frustrations with Duo Lingo seeming inability to accomplish their mission as a crowd sourced language course platform through their inhibitory incubator may result in a re-implementation of DuoLingo. Go for it. Release it open source so it see's maximum usage. Let 1000 flowers bloom, some good courses, some bad. In general, community will select the best courses. Imperfect is okay.

December 28, 2017

When you hypothetically finish, can you give it to me? You can contact me here:

This is a great, no, awesome, no, SUPER-FANTASTIC IDEA! As soon as I receive that script I am going to make a Cantonese course! AHHHHHH!

(Just click and PM me) (Yes I know it's a Discord language server, but it's the easiest way to contact me as I'm at the top of the list on the right.)

December 28, 2017
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