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Suggestions for vocabulary lists on TinyCards?

Hello all,

For a while, I have been making TinyCards decks for various languages. However I am starting to close in on the languages that I'm planning on covering for the long term (and it's going to be a doozy, so stay tuned!). Once I finish making alphabet and calendar decks for all the languages I plan on covering, I'm going to start developing vocabulary decks that teach vocabulary 150 words at a time (that's the max limit per deck). I plan on teaching the vocabulary in a random yet organized fashion. Here's how it's going to work:

  • I start with 13 organized lists of 12 words of a certain category (i.e. food, animals, etc).
  • I split the 13th list into two (so it contains 6 words for each half). The 12 lists plus one of those halves with six words will total up to 150 words, enough for a complete deck.
  • I take each word part of the 6 words and swap them with random words throughout the 12 organized lists.
  • I will scramble each list.
  • I will take one word from each list (except the 13th) and build new lists of 12 random words containing one word from each scrambled list.
  • I will add the six words from the 13th list after the 12 lists, and I'm done with the word order that I will use for Set 1 for all the languages I plan on covering.
  • The other 6 words from the 13th list that were unused in Set 1 will be used for Set 2, where I will apply these steps to get the word order for that.

It may seem all complex to you, but I have how I plan on executing this all in my head, so you don't have to worry about it. However my trouble at the moment is determining what categories I should cover, and which words within those categories I should cover. That's what I'm asking the Duolingo community, you guys.

I'm looking for ideas of vocabulary categories and any words within those categories I should cover. All suggestions are welcome (but keep it within the Duolingo Community Guidelines) since if one vocab category is not covered within Set 1, it could certainly make its way to another set within the future.

Thank you for your support for my TinyCards decks! I hope all had a happy holiday.

December 28, 2017



OmegaGmaster, you need to do what Duolingo fails to do. You need to have a deck for pronouns, for the sake of god, please have it. Have all the pronouns ordered, all the object pronouns, possessive, etc. You should have a deck of important verbs. Another deck should be dedicated to any sort of conjugation of words. You should have a whole deck of regular conjugations, and a deck of irregular conjugations. Verbs are arguably the most important part of languages, so by spending the time and energy into making those decks, you are leaning how to express yourself in a language. Vocabulary should range from basic greetings, to more specialized sections like food, color, etc. sorta like how Duolingo organizes it. Good luck!


Ah yes... I plan on teaching grammar by language rather than language sets, and that will include personal pronouns and their cases. It's going to be utter hell for Finnish and Estonian, though!


Pronoun examples: English: I You He/She/It We Ya'll They

Spanish: Yo Tú Él/Ella/Usted Nosotros Vosotros Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes

Swedish: Jag Du Han/Hon/Det Vi Ni De


I think a list of basic medical terms (injuries, allergy, etc.) may come in handy when traveling abroad.

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