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I lost my French Certificate...

Well, what happened, was I saved up lots of Lingots for the French Certificate. And I got it several days ago.

I didn't do the test on the spot, because I didn't have 20 minutes to spare, and instead kept it for later.

Then, when i looked today, it shows a blacked-out '25 Lingots' instead of the 'Take Test' Button that is usually there. I didn't do anything that could cause this, because I didn't go on yesterday and didn't check until today.

It's possibly a bug, but something could've gone wrong on my side. I'm upset I lost 25 Lingots (It's a lot for me), and I need some help into how I could restore it...

Thanks, kyumin2lee

April 10, 2014



Hello! I've restored your certificate as it appears you did purchase one on the 7th but there is no record that it was completed. You should now be able to take the test free of charge. Let me know if you have further issues.


Thank you a lot! Here, take these Lingots!

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