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  5. "老师不说英语。"


Translation:The teacher does not speak English.

December 28, 2017



MoozieGoozie's sentence adds the character hui, which changes the meaning of the sentence from Teacher does not speak English, to Teacher cannot speak English (ie. does not have the ability). The first one could mean simply that the teacher is choosing not to speak English, say in the classroom to improve language learning. Chinese people use the term Teacher as a form of address for a teacher, just like Professor and Doctor. So perfectly normal in Chinese to say Teacher does not speak English. The sentence can also mean The teacher does not speak English, depending on context.


Can "老师" in this sentence mean "A teacher", "The teacher", "Teachers (in general)" as well as "The teachers"?


老师不会说英语. it should be this sentence to mean the teacher doesn't speak English. I am in a Chinese speaking guild. This information came from a teacher who knows seven languages please fix.


老师不说汉语:the teacher does not speak chinese (s/he may able to speak chinese but choses not to here)

老师不会汉语:the teacher cannot/is not able to speak chinese.


well he doesn't.............................................................


Says microhpne is off

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